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TBI Adventures offers a comprehensive range of behaviour-related services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. These services range from purely recreational programmes to structured interventions. The TBI Adventures methodology is known as Adventure-related Experiential Learning (AEL). Whatever your corporate needs, the professional team of TBI Adventures is equipped to facilitate the desired outcomes.

For an essential guide to choosing the best programme to address your team's expectations, take a look at the following.

Team Recreational Programme

- for the sake of having fun -

Team Recreational Programme

Recreational Programs are exactly what they say, experiencing team recreation for the sake of having fun and recreation.

Team Effectiveness Programme

- changes the way people feel -

Team Effectiveness Programme

This program changes the way people feel and think by gaining awareness of their learning needs.

Team Growth Programme

- behavioural change and growth -

Team Growth Programme

Behavioural change and personal growth depends on reinforcement through follow-up.

The Team Growth Strategy™ consists of three phases with time intervals of a few weeks

Team Maintenance Programme

- on-boarding new members -

Team Maintenance Programme

Organisations function in a dynamic world where change is a constant. Team compositions change regularly. TBI Adventures has designed a Team Maintenance Programme (TMP) that facilitates the disruptive effect change can have on teams.

Coaching & Counselling

- grow confidence as a leader -

Coaching and Counselling

Leaders come and go in organisations. Once appointed as CEO or MD or perhaps the person who occupies the “corner office”, one is suddenly confronted with the harsh realities of being a leader.

Thinking Style Analysis

- how people prefer to think -

Thinking Style Analysis

Behaviour is influenced by how people prefer to think, learn and communicate. The thinking styles analysis reveals how we can harness the power of thinking styles for real-work application.

Practical Leadership Development

- leadership in a changing environment -

Practical Leadership Development

This training strategy has been developed to assist leadership development in a changing business environment.

Project Team Performance

- effective performance in a project team -

Project Team Performance

This programme focuses on project teams having to work together for a period of time, and adjourn at the end of the project.

TBI Adventures Youth Programmes

- to take ownership of their future -

TBI Youth Programmes

A local and international need for youth development has prompted TBI to establish several youth development programmes.

TBI Adventures Training Centre

- ideal venue for a complete team escape -

TBI Adventure Training Centre

Nestled at the foothills of the majestic Swartberg Mountains near Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo, TBI Adventure Centre is the ideal venue for a complete team escape.

Curriculum Vitae of Facilitating Team

- our AEL specialists -

Facilitating Team - AEL specialists
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